Angela Carrington Award

The Angela Carrington competition closed after the 2016 event. It was open to all non-professional jazz singers who perform regularly at open mic nights in and around the London jazz scene.

The event:

The competition was set up in memory of Angela Carrington, a wonderful jazz singer who sadly took her own life while suffering from clinical depression and anxiety.

One of the few things that helped her was singing jazz at the open mic clubs around London. Her interest, encouragement and kindness to other singers was legendary and she was much loved.

Brian Shaw and Chris Legee set up the trust in order to raise awareness, and funds, for mental health and related charities. Singers of the stature of Ian Shaw and Claire Martin have given their time free of charge to perform for us at the finals.

Winning the award was not the prime motivation for the event, although it had great kudos for the aspiring vocalist! Angela was not a competitive person and would not have wanted anyone to feel that they had lost out.

little bread, Big Jam is privileged to have been represented by several of the finalists in the annual Angela Carrington Award:


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